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ScholarshipZone’s $10,000 Scholarship – Quick and Easy!

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It’s a fact of life – seniors in high school don’t have a lot of extra cash laying around. They usually need some serious help when it comes to paying for their upcoming college tuition and books. However, there is a solution – in fact there are many.

The solution we’ll be discussing today comes in the form of a cool $10,000. That’s $10,000 dollars you can use to pay for school, books, or anything that helps you get closer to reaching your educational goals.

Introducing:’s $10,000 Scholarship Award

How does it work? works with several Colleges and Universities that provide free and easy scholarships. They leverage these relationships to provide students (YOU) an opportunity to get funds for college without having to jump through hoops. Apply for the scholarship by filling out your information and view offers from these same accredited colleges and universities that provide these scholarships. You have the option to request more information from these colleges if you wish. However, you are not required to request any information, it’s completely optional and will NOT affect your chances of winning $10,000.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not! These colleges sponsor which allows them to offer these free scholarships on a MONTHLY BASIS. That’s right, they pick a new winner EVERY SINGLE MONTH.

The best part: NO essays, NO application fees, and NO long and confusing eligibility requirements.

The only requirements are that you must be 18 years or older to enter. That’s it!

I hope that helps you guys, and I will continue to post more scholarships just like this one as I find them.

Good luck and let me know how this one works out for you guys!!!! =)



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